The most memorable Valentine’s gifts aren’t always the best

by Jaynie Collins


Love is in the air.  Every Valentine’s Day millions of flowers, chocolates and cards are painstakingly selected and given to show one’s love.  Just because we have the best intentions when choosing that perfect gift for our special Valentine, doesn’t necessarily mean we always hit the mark.  While we want our gift to stand out as the best ever, many of us fall a little short while others far exceed expectations.


With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we thought it would be fun to poll the Harris Financial Advisors team to tell you about their best or worst Valentine gifts given or received over the years.  Here’s what was top of mind:


Clay Worst gift received:  Getting dumped on Valentine’s Day in the 7th grade.

Michael – Best gift given:  A silver heart Tiffany’s necklace.

Tony – Best gift received:  Dinner at Lawry’s and Lakers Game tickets.

Stewart – Best and worst:  A puppy.  Lots of fun at first, but a lot of work in the long run.

Armando – Best joint gift:  Champagne!

Tonia – Best gift received:  A weekend getaway to San Diego in a rented red Ferrari.

Cristin R – Best gift received:  A vintage necklace with an engraved locket.

Trevor Best gift given:  Custom calendar for my high school sweetheart sprinkled with our pictures from the prior year.  We broke up 3 weeks later!

Jon – Best gift received:  Agreement to celebrate the weekend after Valentine’s Day.  Reservations were a breeze to find and I saved a bundle by avoiding the busiest restaurant day of the year.

Kristen P – Worst gift given:  Cluster of red ceramic chili peppers.   Not well received, but in the long run it worked, as it led to marriage!    Best gift received:  A camping adventure… we picked up a bottle of plum wine and camped near the ocean.  The wine was not good, but the experience was so much fun.

Matt – Best or worst – you decide:  Glow in-the-dark boxers with hearts.




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