Summer Intern Lauren

Lauren Kuhn, our summer intern, kayaking in Seattle


We have had the privilege of having Lauren Kuhn (yes, Matt’s daughter) as an intern at Harris Financial Advisors this summer.  She has been invaluable in helping us establish our “Next-Gen” financial educational program for our clients’ children and grandchildren.  Stay tuned, as you will be hearing more about this!

In the meantime, get to know this very talented young lady who will return as a senior at USC after a month in Granada, Spain, practicing her Spanish.  Meet Lauren:


01 What are you reading? One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I want to try reading it in Spanish next. 02 Favorite city? Los Angeles, hands down. You can’t beat the variety of different cuisines. 03 How many days a year do you travel? Around 70. 04 What’s your investment philosophy? My dad always told me to be ready to stick it out long term. 05 Favorite film? Legally Blonde. 06 TV show? Friends is a classic, but lately I’ve been binge-watching The West Wing. Even though it was made in the late 90s, many of the issues are still relevant today. 07 Favorite restaurant? Kapnos, a Mediterranean small plates restaurant in Washington, D.C. Their charred octopus is delicious. 08 What’s the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome? Making new friends after I moved from LA to Ohio in the middle of 2nd grade. 09 The best advice you’ve ever received? Listen more than you talk. People like to feel listened to. 10 Favorite philanthropy? Ronald McDonald House. They do really great work and volunteering there with my sorority has been amazing. 11 How would you like to be remembered? A kind, generous person that made the lives of those she knew better. 12 Best kept secret from your parents? When I was younger I used to stay up until 2am reading when I had to wake up for school at six the next morning. 13 Biggest challenge around money? Not spending it all on food. 14 Favorite Friday night activity? Going out to dinner with friends and then sitting around a campfire at Dockweiler Beach. 15 Most recent trip you took? A weekend with friends in Seattle. Highlights included kayaking and eating at Pike’s Place Chowder. 16 Favorite podcast? Pod Save America. Some of Obama’s former staffers do an excellent job dissecting current political events in a funny, understandable way.  17 Most used social media network? Instagram. I love being able to see the cool things my friends are doing.  18 Favorite money app?  I would never stick to a budget otherwise. 19 Dream city to live in? Munich. It satisfies my love of history and my love of pretzels. 20 Dream job? Supreme Court Justice. It would be an awesome way to make an impact. 21 What’s next after HFA? I’ll be spending the rest of the summer studying Spanish in Granada, Spain, then finishing up my senior year at USC. After that, probably grad school. 23 What have you learned from HFA culture? The importance of true teamwork and how much fun it can be to work for a family firm.