By Michael DeSantis, FPQP™

The Harris Financial team has put on their volunteer hats again on Saturday, April 28, 2018. This time, the project was to build picnic areas for the AltaSea program at the Port of Los Angeles.


AltaSea is an organization focused on bringing leaders in science, business and education together to generate innovative solutions to global challenges in human and environmental sustainability. They bring school groups from all over the South Bay and beyond to educate students on subjects such as sustainable aquaculture and underwater robotics. The students spend a great deal of time on the wharf with no place to sit and enjoy the scenery around them. Making the world a better place for kids is not just a mission of the AltaSea program. It is also a primary mission of ShareFest.


Volunteer building bench for the Port of Los AngelesIn order for projects like these to be properly planned out and reach large networks of volunteers, there must be a team of organizers working tirelessly to coordinate it.  That is where ShareFest comes in.  For many years, ShareFest has built strong South Bay communities by fostering volunteerism and preparing youth to lead positive change by utilizing volunteer networks such as Rotary clubs.  In this case, ShareFest partnered with the Redondo Beach Rotary Club where I was recently inducted as a proud new member of their young professionals chapter.  With the collective goal of helping the underprivileged youth enjoy the Port of Los Angeles, we were able to gather around 40 volunteers.  Together, we built and painted large benches, planters, and picnic tables surrounding the entire ocean side of the port.


AltaSea Boat at Port of Los AngelesOne of my goals here at Harris Financial is to reach beyond the bounds of financial planning and wealth management and give back to those in dire need of our time and resources. I plan to continue this movement for years to come and hope you can join me along for the ride.


Please see the links below for more information about AltaSea, ShareFest, and the Redondo Beach Rotary Club: