2018 2nd Quarter Market Review

By: Harris Financial Advisors | On: July 18, 2018 | Category: Quarterly Report |

By the Numbers – 2018 2nd Quarter Report

After a negative first quarter highlighted by an early year correction, U.S. stocks pushed into positive territory as foreign policy and international trade initiatives garnered momentum.  In April, a coalition of U.S., British and French forces launched airstrikes against Bashar al-Assad in response to the use of chemical weapons in the Syrian civil war.  In May, the U.S. exited the 2015 Iran nuclear accord and reinstated economic sanctions on Iran. 

Nonprofit endowment thriving-piggybank

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Help Your Nonprofit Endowment
Thrive with This Checklist

An endowment is a hallmark of financial longevity and an important component of any nonprofit’s long-term strategy. It allows nonprofit board members, administrators and donors to build a reserve fund to further their organization’s mission and complement sometimes irregular annual gifts and donations.