By the Numbers - 2018 4th Quarter Report

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By the Numbers – 2018 4th Quarter Report

The 4th quarter proved to be a difficult ending to a challenging year.  Volatility, dormant since March, awoke once again with vigor taking investors on a topsy-turvy excursion that included touching all-time stock market highs in October and then plunging into a 19.8% correction in the S&P 500 by December, the second 10% plus decline of the year.  There was no shortage of attention-grabbing headlines from midterm elections and tariff escalations, to border walls and another government shutdown, to riots in Paris, chaos over Brexit, and the possibility of a synchronized deceleration of the global economy.

Starting the Year Strong-Happy New Year-Harris Financial Advisors

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Starting Strong in 2019:
Your Financial Planning and Fiscal Health

Despite the year-end volatility in markets during December, we continue to remind our clients that the first weeks of any New Year are an opportune time to review their financial planning strategies and to strengthen their fiscal health in areas they can control during market fluctuations in the coming year – and beyond.¹ Harris Financial Advisors suggests taking the following steps these first few weeks of 2019.