by Matt Kuhn, AIF®, CFA

For more than two decades, Harris Financial Advisors has demonstrated its commitment to the fiscal well-being and overall success of our nonprofit clients. We specialize in aligning investment strategy with philanthropic missions, supporting leaders in creating dynamic organizations, and providing resources and perspectives to maximize overall charitable impact. In addition to our work with charities, our clients are also associations, clubs and other not-for-profit organizations.

How nonprofits can prepare for fiscal success

When it comes to successful investing, we recommend that nonprofits work with our team to develop a detailed investment policy that includes:

  • Allocating reserve funds to a disciplined investment strategy in order to support the organization’s overall financial health.
  • Determining a clear idea of the organization’s risk tolerance level and corresponding return expectations.
  • Designating the roles and responsibilities of the investment manager, the board of directors and the organization’s executive management. While retaining overall fiduciary responsibility for the organization, board members typically decide if it is appropriate to enlist the help of a professional investment manager.
  • Developing an appropriate spending policy.

Harris Financial-Nonprofit-hands unite

Establishing a clear sense of financial goals – and designating those who will be in charge of meeting those goals – helps organization leaders understand how a solid financial strategy can enable them to advance their nonprofit’s mission, sustain growth and build long-term fiscal health.

Harris Financial Advisors: our nonprofit expertise supports your organization’s goals

Offering investment guidance that leads to successful financial outcomes for our nonprofit clients is a key part of the work we do. Harris Financial Advisors’ expertise with nonprofits is demonstrated in the care and commitment we bring to developing investment strategies that account for the unique nature of each organization.

  • Our “built to suit” investment strategies solve for the unique needs of an organization’s short- and long-term reserve funds; customized financial strategies play a key role in contributing to an organization’s overall success.
  • For nonprofits with a longer-term vision, Harris Financial Advisors develops endowment-like investment strategies to support operating budgets, capital improvements, special projects and stated missions.

If your nonprofit needs to re-assess or develop your investment strategy, contact Harris Financial Advisors to discuss how we can work with you to support your organization’s mission.