By Clay Zachry, CFP®


Multiple factors influence how practicing lawyers approach investments and retirement planning. At Harris Financial Advisors, we offer strategic advice that addresses the unique risk profiles of attorneys.

While many lawyers spend their prime earning years advocating for their clients, they often neglect certain aspects of their own finances, including retirement planning, debt management, and savings and portfolio management.¹ Additionally, the once-traditional benefits programs offered by law firms continue to evolve, complicating the timing and feasibility of retirement in many cases. We work with attorneys in developing tailored strategic financial plans to help them plan for and retire on their own terms. Specifically, we focus on the following key aspects of retirement planning:

  • pension and related retirement benefit programs
  • current investment portfolios
  • FinancialChallenges-Gavel-Harris Financial Advisors spending habits
  • risk tolerance

We understand the nuances of cash-flow management that practicing attorneys experience² – including variations in annual earnings, the need to build reserve funding and tax ramifications. We provide insight on how to manage these challenges and how they pertain to:

  • retirement plans
  • estate and/or succession planning
  • asset allocation
  • investment strategies
  • risk management

If you’re an attorney, you’ll undoubtedly need to make a variety of key strategic financial decisions over your career. You are not alone – we are here to help. Reach out to us today.


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