Apr 2020

Mar 2020

Receiving an inheritance can come with conflicting emotions: you might be in mourning after losing your loved one, feeling overwhelmed from your sudden windfall of wealth, or worried that you might spend the money too fast or put it in the wrong places.

As cases of COVID-19 increase in the U.S. and within California, we are taking precautions with clients, staff members and vendors to help prevent the spread of this virus.  Jon Bacon, CFP®, provides an update on how Harris Financial Advisors is doing our part to help prevent exposure to COVID-19.

The volatility over the last two weeks has been uncomfortable as equity markets have gyrated in response to the Coronavirus’ potential human and economic impact. Stewart Darrell, CFA, reviews market reactions to past viral outbreaks and provides perspective on the current health challenge.

U.S. stocks have fallen almost 8% from all-time highs over the last five trading sessions as the coronavirus has startled equity markets.  The global economy was already stuck in low gear prior to the outbreak, and the potential negative impact of the coronavirus on growth is reverberating through the global economy. 

Cristin Rigg, CFP®, CDFA™, examines how the SECURE Act will impact the retirement of millions of Americans. The Act went into effect January 1, 2020 and aims to help Americans better prepare for retirement. It is the most sweeping retirement legislation in more than a decade.

Feb 2020

Stewart Darrell, CFA, sets the stage for the rest of 2020 by examining 10 key topics that are currently on the minds of investors. From U.S.-China trade issues, to rising federal debt and the upcoming presidential election, this information is a need to know primer for the rest of 2020.

Harris Financial Advisors' President, Stewart Darrell, CFA, reviews key market data and headlines from 2019. This summary retraces the highlights from last year and provides perspective for 2020.

As we’ve covered in a previous blog post, creating an estate plan to address the inevitable can be an emotionally exhausting process for any family. To make things even more challenging, estate planning mainly focuses on the legal disposition of assets and is often only part of a larger legacy plan that can include much more.