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Thirty-six percent of all businesses are women-owned, and the number continues to grow. However, it’s still a struggle to make it as a female entrepreneur. A 2019 Columbia Business School study found that female-led ventures are 63% are less likely to receive VC funding — even though when female-led ventures do receive VC funding, they are just as likely to achieve exit outcomes through IPOs or acquisitions.

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It was a grueling first quarter as sovereign nations, financial markets and economies across the globe grappled with the unprecedented public health crisis of COVID-19. Markets gyrated wildly as the S&P 500 descended from its late February highs into a bear market (a decline of at least 20%) in just 16 days, the fastest pace on record. The index recorded its 3rd worst single day drop ever on March 16th, followed by its 9th best day ever on March 24th. The first quarter of 2020 was the worst quarter in the S&P 500 since the final three months of 2008, when the index slumped -22.6%. In short, the first quarter of the year was a wild ride in almost every major asset class.

For many, last week’s religious holidays may have felt more protracted than in the past as social distancing and the familiar “stay-at-home” mantra brought new twists with family (still) all under one roof. This week, the markets were back to being open for the full week. Below is a summary of market activity.

Clay Zachry, CFP®, answers questions about the stimulus payments being made to millions of Americans as part of the CARES Act.  Watch the video to learn who is eligible as well as the amounts of the payments.