Managing Trust Fund Kids...Kids Laughing

By: Harris Financial Advisors | On: September 12, 2018 | Category: Financial Planning |

Helping Your Trust Fund Kids Become Financially Savvy

Concern about passing on a legacy is universal, and a trust fund can be a useful tool in helping you transfer your wealth in the manner and spirit you desire. Many parents worry about leaving too much or too little for loved ones, and they’re not alone. There are countless stories of fortunes made by one generation being wiped out by the next for one reason or another. However, you can avoid common pitfalls with the right resources and planning. Here are some things to keep in mind as you consider creating a trust and helping your children become financially savvy.

5 Milestones - Woman smiling

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5 Financial Milestones Women Should Reach in their 50s

For women the world over, turning age 50 is a milestone event. It’s often a transition point when nests empty, careers change and priorities shift. This can inspire a decade of renewal with opportunities to focus on you and greater freedom to do what you want.

Understanding...Sandwich Generation

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Understanding the Unique Financial Needs of the Sandwich Generation

Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, and Millennials all have one thing in common – we love to talk about the joys and trials of our own generations. The social proof is all over the media. However, there’s a whole generation of people that deserve equal time in the spotlight, and they have commonalities that span gender, race, socioeconomic status and sometimes age. We’re talking about the Sandwich Generation.

Finding Financial Balance After Divorce

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Finding Financial Balance After Divorce

After going through a major life event like divorce, it may be challenging to get your bearings at first, especially in the money department. However, with proper planning and execution, you can start a new financial life and discover what works for you post-divorce. Here are some tips to help you take control of your finances and financial outlook.

College Grads Graduation Confetti

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College Grads, Learn to Crush Your Money Game

You’ve graduated. Now what? The idea of life after college can be daunting, but also exciting! So many possibilities await you. It’s time to take everything you learned and put it to work (literally) and find a place where you can thrive and gain real-world knowledge while bringing home a steady paycheck. Once you have an income stream going, understanding how to manage the ebb and flow of it will be your next big task. The good news is that the rules for managing money are straightforward. Let’s learn to crush your money game.