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Common Myths that Can Derail Your Retirement

Many Americans do not adequately save for retirement because of lack of information about its true cost. For instance, they might think they will spend less in retirement. But the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that “older households,” defined as head of household age 65 and older, spend approximately $46,000 annually in retirement (this includes housing, transportation, healthcare, food, personal insurance/pensions, cash contributions, and entertainment).

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How to Prepare for Uncertainty

After college, I had an urge to go on a big adventure. We were in the early days of the global financial crisis and the supply of traditional entry-level jobs and paid internships had evaporated. So, in the middle of that economic storm, I decided to move to South America and become an English teacher.

6 Ways You Can Teach Your Kids About Money During This Pandemic

The financial toll of the COVID-19 pandemic is being felt by everyone, including young children. It’s natural to want to shield them from the hard reality we’re all going through. But this is a great opportunity to talk to your kids about money.

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Leaving a Lasting, Meaningful Legacy for Your Loved Ones

As we’ve covered in a previous blog post, creating an estate plan to address the inevitable can be an emotionally exhausting process for any family. To make things even more challenging, estate planning mainly focuses on the legal disposition of assets and is often only part of a larger legacy plan that can include much more.

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Assess Your Risk Tolerance for the Year Ahead

With the recent volatility in the stock markets, it is a good time for investors to review their risk tolerance. A formal risk assessment can provide valuable information that investors can use to form a baseline from which to make financial decisions, even amid market fluctuations and changes in life and work.1 While no specific risk level is better than another, it is important to understand where you fall on the risk spectrum so you can apply that information toward your financial planning and investment strategies. Are you unsure of your risk tolerance? Asking for a formal risk assessment from your financial advisor is a great place to start.