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Your passion for service. Your commitment to your community. The heart and determination that fuel every function of your nonprofit and the people who keep it running every day.

These are qualities that inspired you to get involved in the nonprofit sector. To continue thriving into the future, it’s important to devote the same level of care and attention to the resources — and partners — you choose to guide your organization’s investment portfolio. Are you ready to explore new options or assess an existing investment strategy? Benefit from the guidance of a team with more than two decades of experience helping foundations, endowments and charitable organizations take their missions to the next level.

Set the Right Course for Your Mission

You want to extend your reach and take your mission to new heights. A focused, disciplined investment approach is the key ingredient in achieving long-term positive impact for the people who need it the most.

We’ll help you and your board prioritize investment objectives and provide the know-how to ensure harmony between investment strategy and philanthropic vision.

Energize a Passionate, Capable Team

Propelling an organization forward relies on your strengths and talents and those of your donors, professionals and volunteers. Your investment committee is key to sustaining financial strength, and the board provides the critical leadership and perspective necessary to keep the organization on track.

Whether you need help designing and implementing an investment policy, educating committee members or assessing progress, we’re in your corner.

Maximize Your Impact on the Community

Your organization’s financial health is just one critical factor affecting its future stability. You also need a team that can generate the most positive impact possible for your community. We’ll provide the resources and strategic perspective you need to scale, thrive and further your purpose.

Your vision will evolve into reality

It’s possible when you partner with our team.
We can help take your nonprofit to its next level.

This isn’t fleeting interest or a job, this is your calling.
But you’ve undoubtedly encountered some challenges on the nonprofit path: earmarking financial assets to achieve your mission today and tomorrow; recruiting and retaining the right staff and volunteers; identifying committed leadership capable of taking the organization to the next level.
That’s where we come in. We’ll help you overcome these challenges and stay on track by focusing on five critical elements:

Does your current investment strategy reflect your organization’s purpose? We’ll help you and your investment committee design working guidelines specific to your needs, goals and risk-profile. Together, we’ll set clear monitoring and rebalancing policies, evaluate performance and provide data to help you make confident investment and resource allocation decisions.

Your financial reserves are the core of your organization’s financial health. Leverage our team of experienced investment professionals to design, engineer and implement an investment portfolio consistent with your nonprofits values, purpose and objectives. We’ll monitor progress and make necessary adjustment to ensure you’re always on track.

Now more than ever, it’s vital for your board of directors to fully understand its fiduciary responsibilities and practice ethical governance of your organization’s reserves. Education is paramount and we’ll help keep your board up to date on the latest developments relating to nonprofits.

Building financial sustainability is a challenge for many nonprofit organizations, but it’s achievable with the right cash management strategies. Work with our team to identify efficient, savvy methods for building your cash reserves — such as tapping new funding opportunities, better managing cash inflows and outflows, and making operational improvements.

When you partner with our team, you receive far more than investment advice — you benefit from the knowledge and resources of professionals with broad experience across the nonprofit space. Whether you require strategic, long-term financial planning or an outside perspective to advise your investment committee, we’re ready to be a true partner.

Your Catalyst for Creating Change

You have a vision for a better world, and the desire to make a lasting impact that stands the test of time. Such a lofty goal will require your approach to evolve over time.

The same goes for our approach to serving you. As your needs and priorities change, so will our deliverables. It begins and ends with what matters most to you and your organization. Here’s what you can expect.

investment management

Our investment expertise will help guide you and your financial resources to sustain the needs of your organization, its employees and community stakeholders for years to come. We’ll design and engineer customized portfolio solutions based on objectives and risk tolerance to help further your purpose.

strategic financial planning

Where do you see your organization in the future? What do you want to achieve with its resources? We’ll create a strategic financial plan to keep priorities at the forefront, while balancing other considerations like debt management and future capital expenses.

Dedicated Service and Support

Every step of the way, we’ll keep a constant pulse on your investments and strategic plan and make updates when your organization’s priorities change. With credentialed, experienced professionals, we believe in the value of teamwork when it comes to helping you make the best possible decisions for your nonprofit.

"Let us help your philanthropic vison become a reality."
Matthew Kuhn, CFA, AIF®
Portfolio Manager

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