Second Opinion – Does Your Portfolio Represent You?

“The RIGHT way to invest, is staring back at you in the mirror.”

Why do you need your RiskNumber®?

Your RiskNumber® gives you a range of future return possibilities in fluctuating markets… the upside and the downside.  You want to strike your right balance and help you understand:

1) How much risk you are now taking with your portfolio.
2) How to compare your portfolio risk, apples to apples, with a recognized standard.

Our Second Opinion tool helps you to pinpoint your RiskNumber®, a direct reflection of your values and core beliefs in portfolio form. You don’t want to find out that you’ve been taking on too much risk in your investing after the stock market drop occurs. That can leave you reeling with self-doubt, anxiety, and uncertainty.

This FREE service will help you realize just the right amount of risk in your portfolio. Understanding how much risk you feel comfortable with as an investor will then help you in two ways.

1) Evaluate whether your current investment approach mirrors you as an investor, and
2) Develop appropriate benchmarks to better understand your performance.

Better understanding what you can tolerate, how risk displays itself in your portfolio, and establishing a means of comparing performance will help you become a more informed, more intelligent, and more successful investor.

Are you ready to do some investor soul searching? Click the above button now to take the quiz and get a free portfolio comparison to see how well your portfolio matches your Risk Number®.

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