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My interest in the stock market began as a child when I told my dad I was bored one day. His response was to toss over a Wall Street Journal and challenge me to be the first kid at school to make a million dollars (I’m still working on that one). Over time, I enjoyed going through the Markets section with a ruler to track the progress of my favorite stocks.

After finishing college in the midst of the Great Recession, I became engrossed with learning as much as possible about markets and the great investors that navigated them so impressively during that turbulent time. I learned about how the old big bank broker model was waning in favor of a client centric focus by fiduciaries. Working at Harris Financial Advisors, I have seen firsthand the power of coupling goals based financial planning with sophisticated investment management to build confidence in client’s financial lives.

My goal as an Associate Advisor is to deliver high quality advice and education in a way that cuts through complexity and is tailor fit for each unique client situation.


“Go to bed smarter than when you woke up.” – Charlie Munger



My Focus

Helping individuals and families organize and optimize their finances for the long term.

Community Involvement

Since moving to the South Bay, my wife and I have spent every free moment exploring this beautiful place and can’t wait to see what we’ll find next.

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